A Follow Up Investigation on Maersk Qingdao and Dongguan

A Follow Up Investigation on Maersk Qingdao and Dongguan

Globalization Monitor

April 15, 2011

In January and May 2008, two riots, one after the other, broke out amongst workers at Maersk Container Industry’s plant in Dongguan, a southern China’s city. The workers were complaining about the poor working conditions and employment terms. We therefore conducted an investigation at Maersk Container Industry Dongguan (MCID), and released our first report in January 2009. At a meeting in March Maersk’s head office representative promised us the company would improve working conditions and labor rights violations in MCID. We conducted a second MCID investigation in August 2009 and then again throughout 2010. We found that although MCID has improved the way it treats its workers there are still lots of malpractices going on. We also investigated Maersk Container Industry Qingdao (MCIQ) – Qingdao is a northeast China city – we found that the plant management has allowed practices which are not in line with the law or which violate basic human rights.

Please download the full report here: Report On MCIQ and MCID (PDF)

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