Coordinated Actions against Adidas in Mainland China, HK, Taiwan and Indonesia

Globalization Monitor

16 July, 2013


Yesterday (15 July), labor groups in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan took coordinated actions against Adidas. The Indonesian groups staged their protest three days earlier.

Globalization monitor worked with more than 10 labor organizations, including Hong Kong Federation of Trade Union (HKCTU), ITUC/GUF Hong Kong Liaison Office (IHLO), Labor Education and Service Network (LESN), Student and scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour (SACOM), Labour Action China (LAC), Worker Empowerment (WE), Indonesia migrant groups and representatives of GSBI Indonesia, Left21 and China Labour Net to organize a protest action at Adidas’ Hong Kong Head office on Monday July 15. At the same time Taiwan labor groups and unions and Chinese workers also organized similar protests at Adidas’ local flagship store and office. All the groups staged common demands to Adidas, including the demands that Adidas’ Taiwanese suppliers, Dynamic Casting and Stella Footwear, provide immediate compensation for their workers with occupational diseases, that Adidas improve the production environment of all its suppliers, that it implement industry reform, and take responsibility for its poor oversight.


Action in Taiwan

Taiwan's independent trade union, Taiwan Association for Victims of Occupational Injuries, Taiwan Youth Labor Union 95, and other groups protested at Adidas’ store on July 15 demanding Adidas commit to guaranteeing that Dynamic Precision improve working conditions, sincerely negotiate with and compensate the workers with occupational diseases, and promise that it never repeat the painful experiences from the mainland in Taiwan. What is more, this cross straits joint action demands Adidas improve labor conditions and accept public monitoring. 

Action in China

July 15, 2013 at 11 am, five workers at Dynamic Casting Guangzhou went to submit their letter of demands to the Adidas Guangzhou office in Guangzhou. Adidas staff finally accepted the workers’ letter.


Action in Indonesia

On July 12 2013, 200 workers joined the protest action (100 workers were from PDK, and the other 100 workers were GSBI union members from other factories). The action started at 13.00pm which was exactly the same hour and same date that the PDK workers staged their action in front of the PDK factory a year ago.

Adidas then met with Harry Nurmansyah (The Head of Adidas Office in Jakarta), who only welcomed the union and workers at the Parking area.

Besides the PDK case, the union also presented some new dispute cases with Adidas’ suppliers, such as the one at Framas Indonesia, Hosanna Garmentama and Panarub Industry. Lastly, to support the case in China and Taiwan, GSBI urged Adidas to immediately take concrete action to remedy the cases in all countries of Adidas’ supply chain. Adidas promised to send a written answer next week.

Below is one of GSBI’s banners:
"We are Indonesian Adidas workers: We support the struggle of Adidas workers in China, Taiwan, South America and in every country to fight against: union busting, bad working conditions, unilateral layoffs, and violations of workers' rights at suppliers and subcontractors of Adidas."


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Below are links to related news.


All the headlines are translated from Chinese into English.


  1. [聯合] 鉅明生產線回台 遭批惡鮭回流

(Dynamic Precision production lines’ return to Taiwan criticized as “Return of Evil Salmon”)


  1. [公視] PNN 控代工廠商剝削勞工 勞團要求愛迪達負責

(Subcontractor factory (Dynamic Precision) accused of labor exploitation Labor groups demand Adidas group act responsibly)


        3.  20130715公視中晝新聞-鉅明關廠回台 勞團發動抗議行動

        (Dynamic Precision shut down its Guangzhou factory and returned to Taiwan.  Labor groups launched protest action!)


4. 20130715公視晚間新聞-愛迪達承包商 驚傳百餘員工職業病

         (Adidas’ Taiwan-owned supplier (Dynamic Precision) circulating startling news that hundreds of its employees have occupational disease)


        5. [自由時報] 生產鏈職業病 勞團籲品牌正視

(Adidas’ supply chain employees have occupational diseases  Labor groups demand the brand fix problems)


6. [苦勞網] 職災拒賠 鉅明遭批「惡魚回台」 勞團赴愛迪達 籲盡企業社會責任

(Adidas’ supply chain employees have occupational disease Dynamic Precision criticized for “Return of Evil Salmon”  Labor groups protest at Adidas Store Demand the Brand exercise corporate social responsibility)


7.[新頭殼] 跨國抗議 勞團批愛迪達縱容血汗工廠

       ( Transnational labor protest  Labor groups criticize Adidas for tolerating sweatshops)


       8.  [中央社] 鉅明:依法在陸結束營業

     ( Dynamic Precision says: We shut down the Guangzhou factory according to law)


        9. [中央社] 生產鏈職業病 勞團籲品牌正視

(Adidas’ supply chain employees have occupational diseases Labor groups demand the brand fix problems)


10. [自由時報] 愛迪達雇血汗工廠?勞團拒「惡魚迴流」

      (Adidas source from sweatshops? Taiwan labor groups reject “Return of Evil Salmon”)


       11. [蘋果] 下游廠爆血汗 勞團要求adidas解決

       (Adidas supplier factory accused of being a sweatshop  Labor groups demand Adidas fix problems)


      12. [大紀元] 縱容血汗工廠 勞團要愛迪達負責

       ( Accused of condoning sweatshops  Labor groups demand Adidas be responsible)


      13.  [立報] 血汗供應商 勞團要愛迪達監督

       (Adidas sweatshop supplier identified Labor groups demand Adidas to monitor)


  1. [Focus Tai Wan] Adidas urged to monitor working conditions of its suppliers


  1. [Taipei Times] Adidas is urged to monitor suppliers


  1. Mainland media report: 新华视点-职业病维权怎么这么难

(Why is so difficult for occupational disease workers to fight for their rights?)